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Monday, July 16, 2012

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas New Deco idea for 2011

i created these for my workplace..with recycled Cupboard..and construction paper of as many different colors as possible...
u need.different colorsof Construction papers......Glue/double-sided tapes......different colors of pen (i perfer Fancy Glitter Pen)...scissors...punch hole staple....pen/pencil......recycled cupboard..and some color strings.




Step by step How to create this colorful christmas tree.......
Cut out a sute christmas tree from recycle cupboard ....

u get the idea?

Monday, August 1, 2011

a bit more detailed of Brian's Birthday/farewell Gift from me...

I bought this size 10 for brian's farewell/Birthday gift......its only $19.95 by the way.but its not the brand of the shoes as usual.....its my Idea n work art ..that is from the heart...........
I had an idea of a cute pics.that shout WHAT THE.........or WHy i tried a few drawings.and this is what i had come up with............

Coloring it is the first time.i used lots of ink on his shoes................i must say the Color suites the theme luckily well.Happy for this one..
I thought of different senario for the particular sheep to get into ridculous trouble.adoption by awesome..n funny.Reminds me of Southpark ..when Cartman gets an anal probe.XD

I love this end result the most.n purple is my favoureate color..tis is simple.yet "IN"
Overall look on the finished sides......I think its awesome!

cuteness....even i wanna keep tis shoe for myself when i finished this side of the shoe...

Just when i thought everything went smoothly...i think i over-thought the last sides......and i think i hated this side.:( dosent look nice over here.

Ocverall look on both sides of should have been perfect but i screwed it up on the last friends agree too.damm.....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

a Decision making day for SINGAPOREAN.

My heart starts pumping really fast started 5 mins i was watching a video about Politics on facebook......Today i get to vote  ...a strong n powerful decision i get to make together with the rest of singaporean....a vote that might change singapore Love said " this day might create a new history in Singapore"..

I always hated Politics..i didnt even bother to find out the names of those Candidates ...from the opposition  n the government's politician...i keep telling myself that there are so many Singaporean willing to join Politician just becuz they believe they can make a difference in singapore......i tell myself that...regardless who may won...the PAP or opposition..they all wans whats best for singapore..even though Some incident might indicate otherwise ..but i believe or i choose to believe that the politician wans whats best for singapore in the long term........i am glad to be a singaporean............i feel lucky.really......

Singaporean these days stood up for their rights.unlike back in those days.......there isnt much politician ..everyone is afraid of going aganist the rules...but now people are more vocal n willing to make a difference........I dont have much to say or many insightful thoughts about this voting day...i am just excited to get to vote will really be a historic day for singapore ...even  if not...i want to congratulate which ever party won the hearts of singaporean.n continue to work hard for what the party has promise to the citizens....Good luck with no hard feelings...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i Bought a DIY Paper recycling Home kit..this is a video of me opening it up for the first time...

........for those of you who ever has wanted to try this technique of helping to save the earth....u get to view whats inside a basic box..actually...the filter and that 0.04m holes plastic sheet is the only essential thing.the rest is just purly for paper u can get is cheap too...a bit of Subtittle included ...and the Theme song is CAPTAIN PLANET! Go PLANET!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a new project done at end of January 2011!

i done for my friend ARies her Thick White plain slipper she bought from New Urban Male...

the slipper quality somehow dosent allow the Ink to dry my hands were all dirty.and so were some parts of the slipper were smudge with Ink easily.......the next day i had to try to remove with Thinner...
anyway. This is the first picture i drawn after tons of practise.

The rabbit equip with a Hopper.and the Puffy puppy running along with a giant ball.Inspired by Circus with perform by cute animals.i like it. Simple small n easy.

Next i love the Zebras.which looks like a cow.and also has the Nose of a pig...LOL...i had a funny reason why i draw Zebra for ARies....i actually like this.other people can really see it clearly from walking behind her...i think it looks cute n unique.

 Next is Blue Face flying usual on this side of the slipper i wan all the cute animals to be moving by soem sort of i gave it the Doremon flying helicpoter machine on its head.I think its really cute .

then on the next side of the slipper.i draw the leaping leopard.
i think the leopard is Cute too.

heres the Upside down cat...on the other side ...and then i draw the Puffy puppy with rainbows by its side...

Heres the not so favourable side of the slipper.with features the daydreaming PIG drawn in RED...The hammer-head shark...and the sad crying Elephant...

My favourate side still the Back of the Thick slipper.The zebras...

Monday, December 6, 2010

not bad performances1.MPG

i went Wave house at Sentosa today.finally.i love the ambience....the weather is great n sunny.......and my trainer aint a girl...although i couldnt get a good hold of the technique but at least i did went down n try.XD

attempt ghost move1.wmv

i have manage to try my first attempt of editing the video............a horror short demo..i think itw ork sucessfully.........of cousre could be a lot better.and with this video.i manage to convince more ppl into joinning my crew..........Yay!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scripting,directing,filming and casting very own Horror Episodes.

i wanna direct my very own show.....a very professional one.unlike the own camera movies of paranormal activities or blair witch project.although they are inspiring and cheap but i think to be more fun n had a clearer story line..filming a better quality film would be more challenging n thus fun.

my first star cast would be my very own Brain.......
this isnt his best pic...but i put this up cuz he is trying to put up a scared face.
plus he has a car to bring us to location.and he always dream of becoming a star!

next next casting is Aries tay.
my best friend who is energetic and mind and  funny....(if i ever wanna film a comedy)

another is my BF..

the only problem i had with them is that...none of them wanna film this in their gonna do it in my house/BF house anyway....he suggest filming it down at the Void deck.its like .DUH!!.open space+horror show do you do the scare? it wont work!

there is a few more person i wanna recruit.update more coming month....i plan to film down a series of episode of a horror show i going to script these few months...and put it up on youtube...wish me luck.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I once was a sucker punch-bag for Aggreasive sales man tactics.i keep imaginning all the salesman sitting in a conference room writing down notes / roleplaying / discussing the projectile screen about how to convince ppl to Join their membership........especally those persky Gym fittness studio....for those innocean trying to seek out "just try out cheap 1 month" whatever programme.let me tell you.there is No such a thing...eventually they are going to try to get you join.

People are generally more easily persuaded by people they like. This is why con men are usually good looking, and why Abercrombie & Fitch employs modelesque sales assistants.I expect some sort of Fit guy to attend me and my bets friend....but quite didnt turn out that fact i turn out to look much fitter than HIM! wonder he keep looking at my friend when he's trying to convince.

Commitment and Consistency

A classic car salesman tactic. This is where the car salesman will get you to commit to the car verbally, then tell you later that automatic transmission will cost you extra. As you already agreed to buying the car, you will accede to the new price (even if it’s not your liking) because you want to appear consistent.

Same thing with the gym. This personal trainer/sales guy didn’t start out asking me if I wanted a personal training program. He started out asking me what days I can commit to a program. If I had fallen into his trap and told him the specific times I was available for training, I would have very well ended up paying for a personal training program of which I had no intention to join.

I didn’t want to be pulled into his pace, so I forcefully changed the topic to cost. How much does a personal training program cost? And here Cialdini’s third weapon of influence unfolded.


This occurs when someone requests for something absurd to which you initially reject. The person then returns with a relatively less absurd request. At this point, you will naturally accept it out of guilt, even if it is still quite absurd by normal standards.

The thing is.this personal the sales guy isnt fit at all.....he has a tummy.and he told me n my friend he work out here EVERYDAY!.and then when he failed to pull us into the club....he ask his superior to join in..which ...she is about 165 tall and not an ounce of Healthy muscle can be seen.she is fat as well.......they keep telling me they can work out some "MAGIC" for us.but one look at them.and i don feel the magic ...come on seriously....

But I reminded myself: I only came here for a try out.. I’ve been to a gym before, I already have an ok-effective routine at home. He told me i should be able to see effective progression fast...if i go 3 times a week....but earlier while he was showing us around the gym..we saw a friend who claimed she has been in there for 4 years...and that she enjoy the class..but we didnt see her slim down just yet.maybe she isnt doing it right?.maybe she just went there to look at guys n never stay focus?.but maybe also that is not the saleperson lucky day that we happen to met our fat friend there....Not all the guys there are super fit...most are actually i can say....quite plump..only a few are sporty look........

me and my friend gave him a ridiculous pay by installment.and of course they rejected us...which is what we really want.


Typical advertising/marketing tactic that people still fall for. Yes, the “hurry up, the offer ends tomorrow” ones.

I didn’t want to say an outright ‘no’ (it’s not easy to get over guilt, you know) so I told Mr. Personal Trainer / Salesman that I would like to try out 1 month at the gym without a trainer, before committing to one. He then tells me “but I’m giving you this package for 77$ per session. If you come back a month later, it will not be available anymore”.

Sorry, that’s just too run-off-the-mill an answer for me. Of course it will. He’s sitting here negotiating with me now. Betcha when I say I wanna look like Julian Hee one month later, he’ll sit here to negotiate me again. As a salesman, I don’t think you care if you’re making $8,000 off a person now or a month later, as long as you make your commission.

Social Proof

This is the classic what-my-neighbor-has-I-must-have syndrome. Don’t think it needs much of an explanation.

stereotyping is common and once u feel insulted..........get it out by confirming a say: NO..


Of course, if the neighbor taunt doesn’t work, let’s fling authority around.

With all that said, I don’t agree with these marketing tactics for gyms. It kinda cheapens the whole process. But more importantly, it can also be a physically hazardous one. Personal training should be an informed decision the consumer makes, not a service to market like you would for a used car. Not everyone is suited for personal training – especially those with medical conditions. Your trainer not only needs to have working knowledge on your condition, but must also be willing to work with your doctor.

And of course, not everyone thinks it is pleasant to have someone to nag you while he or she works out.

I guess, I’m just one of those people.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

useful Home remedies Part 1.

i am writing about home remedies at 3:45 am in the morning simply becuz i am having a toothache and researching on the net make me appreciate easy home today i wanna remind myself..whats useful in the kitchen and around the house......

i have serve toothache tonight so i read about

*brandy (which contain alcohol)..good for disinfection.

*salt ...good for mouth gargling and toothaches
Let me introduce Salt water for toothaches.....i will gargle and hold it in my mouth while serving the net telling everyone how well it worked!....just mix a high dose of salt on a mini cup and gargle or for my case i simply hold it in my mouth for a period of time then spit n repeat until i finish my mini cup.

*honey ..good for blemishes

*organic rice (organic rice water good for skin as toner)

*ice ( toothaches and fever)
Let me introduce ICE for toothache !.its the easiest access at home.just rub ice on the area of your hand between your thumb and index finger, i find that the right hand works better, and make sure its the back side of your hand and not the palm side...instant relief for most toothaches for quite awhile, just repeat as needed...Happy Toothache to all!

*Aspirin ( contains high salicylic acid which is used in almost all the acne product in the market)...good for acne. Simply let it dissolve on a small container with water then use it on ur face as mask..wait for 10 min n wash it off.

*Ginger...warm ginger is good for fever
let me introduce this old remedy parents used it often...just soak the old ginger and drink it warm to help bring down fever.

*coin (apparently scratching your body with coins can help lower your fever)

* Onion.
Now let me introduce ONION for curing a fever ...cut up an onion and put like two rings on your foot then put socks on, it will cure a fever! It works when the onion turns brown it means your fever is gone! if this doesn't work try again by the second time it will work! (works best with clean feet!) It does work, stinks and onions feel squishy, but works :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 click the link provideed to read about his interview on killing every gays in this world.

i have to remember this......never forget your roots..where u came a colored person...most of them forefathers are slaves and hanged for being black....that was once a long time they are so well off..thats becuz everyone is given a chance to strive for the better....but when it gets too high n mighty u forgotten where u came from..and u wanna punish people for being gay yourself...

i also hope religious people would stop talking about moral issue....its nothing but full of themselves...but not all religious people are that bad...i know of a few collegues who are merciful n attarctive inside and outside.....this i really like to thank "god" for having them with me..

Friday, July 16, 2010


my first aid course.i thoroughly enjoy it.but when it comes to practical test n theory i was still totally unprepared......needs some revision once a while.its a good thing my friends record down some of the things we gone through during the course.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crave in

today i got a craving for coffee bean chocolate coffee ice blended.and i crave in to it.i usually don eat or drink things that are too sweet cuz its not good for skin tone.but after i cave in to my desire i felt happy n energetic.its OK to give it to desire sometimes it makes me a happier person for that day :)
so in the future i have to remind myself if i am angry or sad.what do i wanna eat or drink right now at this moment.maybe it will help me happier after i get what i want?

Monday, May 31, 2010

stairs climbing ..

How to enjoy stairs....imagine going up against the gravity....while u are running up the stairs...and every Steps u step up makes a sound like the panio's key....thats the beginning fun part of taking up this sport...... first off.
u need to do some light are:

1)On the music n plug into your ears.

2)On the aircorn so that when u are back.u will feel cooling.

3)light warm up

4)own time own target. heres a video of me...from the beginning to the end...although its been edited.cuz its far too boring to watch everything.

•Stair climbing burns about twice as many calories than any other sport or activity.

•Because it is a grueling sport, stair climbing requires less time to do the same intensity of a workout. For example, if you run 30 minutes per day, the same workout intensity could be achieved with 15 minutes of stair climbing.

•Stair climbing is a total body workout. It makes the arms stronger with the use of the arms pulling you up with the use of the rails (or banister) which is allowed and encouraged. Stair climbing especially builds muscle mass in the legs, including the quadriceps and calfs. It is an aerobic sport as it works the cardio-vascular lung package.
Stair climbing becomes an anaerobic event after about 10 to 20 flights of stairs as it strains your aerobic capacity to hold an intense load on the cardio-vascular package to the top of a very tall building. Since the contest is vertical, even a 70 story race up is not a total sprint and requires endurance, sprint, and muscular strength to complete in a fast time

•Stair climbing is excellent for cross-training. Runners, swimmers, cyclists, rowers, soccer (or football), and others find stair climbing to be helpful with its total workout. Cyclists, skiers, and rowers are especially attracted to the muscle mass in the legs which can be developed with stair climbing.
Remember the 1976 Picture of the Year? Sylvester Stallone played the boxer, Rocky Balboa and one of the most famous scenes in the movie was when Rocky was training for the big fight with many exercises and ended with a run up the stairs to a museum and raises his arms in triumph at the top with the hit music “Gonna Fly Now” playing.

•Stair climbing does not require the purchase of any expensive equipment. It can be done almost anywhere. You could practice stair climbing at any public place that has many flights of steps, including, but not limited to: your apartment building, condominium building, your house stairs, the stairs leading to a public building, the library, or at a gym.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

trying catch a lighting storm 1

the singapore/yishun lighting storm today was quite scary even though i try to enjoy it to get some nap in the evening......but the flashes n claps just makes me wanna capture it on film hoping to get some good ones i did.......i miss most of the amazing strikes...most of the strikes happens at the army air base though.............

In this clip it happens at 0.13 ....0.21 strikes more often before i deceided to film it down.

note: to enjoy tis to the fullest.turn up the VOLUME!!.u will hear the thunder claps going on NON stop!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new SHoe designs from 2010.

a Bit disapointing....especally on the left foot...but Sharon says she likes it as i am designing it for her.

now that i know.too much of everything on one side is embarrasing..It took me about 3-4 months to prepare my sketches n catch inspirations n practise.but when it turns out the actual thing.the ink just smudges.i forgot that the paper n shoe are totally different materials!!..i totally cant color the anime i created on the shoe..since the pictures are already too small... :(

the only thing i like about this side of the shoe drawing is this little boy in a tiger suit.although its not clear in this picture shot,but u can see its cute n its a tiger suit...umm.can u?.i hope so

however on the other side happens to be near's sharon n my favourate side..once sharon saw this side she says" SO CUTE so NICE!".i feel rewarded.

the rest are here.

i like some of the ideas i just came out with last minute like the 2 window frame pics...i later color the square window with 3 different colors to emphasis it.i like gonna put to use in the future of my shoe drawing.

a rear view of the shoe..i like the cross color designs i created near the rear of the shoes.

lesson learn: 1)If i wanna draw anime on a shoe draw Less..less is perfect more is too much.

2) infuse Designs with Anime is perfect!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Singapore Flyer

Finally get to take on the Singapore flyer today...........the feeling of taking off is the greatest...
in the year of 2010..most of my friend as expected choose 10/10/2010 to get married.
And i would like to say this particular friend of mine "Kok Mun" has SHotgun* with his girlfriend and cant seem to wait til that day.LOL....tats too bad......oh well you would be a great father no matter when u get married.

*shotgun- in Singapore SHOTGUN simply means..U had sex with the opposite sex without using condom n now one of u carries a child.LOL
I just found out the sesame street website is quite can watch Adam sandler singing in sesame street..even JASON MRAZ!!...and website! Elmo is so cute in the introduction of the website:)