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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Knowing me,Knowing you...

This morning i felt depress but then i feel better now.isnt it great to be alive?..i used to wish i would die yound so that i wont be a trouble to everyone around me.
But now i wish i could look the same and live forever to be able to Experncie heartache..depress so good to feel alive.

I just read from news paper this morning about a christian father that he is against gay rights here in singapore, he says its against his's kinda silly actually........Think about it, why do u judge someone so fast? Do u know every gay person here in the world?!..............i know a lot of gay friends who are working in big company they donate blood...they serve the country and they would Die for the country......they donate money to charity..they do volunteer what does it mean? All this dosent matter to u cuz u judge them so fast without hestiation..

WE always talk about saving the sharks and other endanger species..but we ourselves are Endanger spieces..each of us.with different identityand talent all of us are able to contribute to the society...why not respect and treasure each other?.consider most of us have religion belief.Its a shame that most people who are quick to judge others and object to these basic right are also from religion group.
STop this childish thinking and move on with ur life why don is short

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