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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I bought this shoe at Baleno for the birthday girl Celestine....

one of my favourates work is this HI-5 Flower.

this is the Middle finger flower....its an act of mischievous.she can take it.she's playful herself.

this is my Candy flower n Love flower.......combining the elements tat girls loves.

Overall one side of the shoe...
ANother side of the shoes..i decorated them with shiny beads....without any image in mind..the shoes arent really completed yet as i don have enough time..i am so in a rush to get these to her i have to take a cab to n forth in the middle of the work n i take these pictures while in the cab.......but they are still ready to surprise her............these pair of shoes arent build for running or rainy days.but i am confident it will carry her out shopping........glimmering with flair n vinatgy

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