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Saturday, May 7, 2011

a Decision making day for SINGAPOREAN.

My heart starts pumping really fast started 5 mins i was watching a video about Politics on facebook......Today i get to vote  ...a strong n powerful decision i get to make together with the rest of singaporean....a vote that might change singapore Love said " this day might create a new history in Singapore"..

I always hated Politics..i didnt even bother to find out the names of those Candidates ...from the opposition  n the government's politician...i keep telling myself that there are so many Singaporean willing to join Politician just becuz they believe they can make a difference in singapore......i tell myself that...regardless who may won...the PAP or opposition..they all wans whats best for singapore..even though Some incident might indicate otherwise ..but i believe or i choose to believe that the politician wans whats best for singapore in the long term........i am glad to be a singaporean............i feel lucky.really......

Singaporean these days stood up for their rights.unlike back in those days.......there isnt much politician ..everyone is afraid of going aganist the rules...but now people are more vocal n willing to make a difference........I dont have much to say or many insightful thoughts about this voting day...i am just excited to get to vote will really be a historic day for singapore ...even  if not...i want to congratulate which ever party won the hearts of singaporean.n continue to work hard for what the party has promise to the citizens....Good luck with no hard feelings...

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