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Monday, September 15, 2008


When is Diablo 3 coming out.and most importantly when is GUild wars 2 coming out next year.i cant wait!!!!!!
is anyone out there who is waiting impaitently for GUILD wars 2 at 2009?..........:(

AS a Custumer service i was ask to assis during this time..when a lady was trying to look for her gold bracelet which drop in-between the elevator shaft.i manage to film a bit down.
since ya know.i never seen a man going down in there, before.

For anyone if u are reading this.u need to Pay $40 beforehand if u were to ask the Service man to stop the Elevator just so he can help u search for ur dropped items..wherethe its found or not u need to pay $40.
There is still a chance that it is crush by the Elevator in the end. So becareful when u walk out of e lift.

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