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Friday, October 31, 2008

Trying to be NICE..

well.....looks like my brother's wedding is gonna be forward sooner than i think...i am really nervous about the wedding cuz..i have to face those Relative and i have to answer to lots of their questionaire like
" why do u shift out"?..
"when u going back to stay"...etc..etc.shit i guess i cant escape this time.I don really wanna see them again.

Today i have decided to be much more tolerate n nicer to everyone around me i need a change, for the better.
i am soo looking forward to a good massage for myself ...i wanna feel revitalise again..,maybe after i got my bonus this year.heehee.

My idea ways to feel revitalise:
@Massage(definatly gonna do this soon)

@bubblebath (i only manage to did it once with the one i love)

@rollarcoaster (maybe this will help too)

@Full body Detox spa treatment ( I wanna try dead mud treatment, rain shower, chocolate cover up..full body botanical wrap up treatment.....!!)

am gonna do at least one of these before 2008 ends.

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