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Sunday, August 23, 2009

WHat did i Found out In the Month of August 2009

Me and Danny were at MUJI in ION when i tried to open this cupboard then he said " what are you doing?"
"the front of the cupboard is the other way".....oh my god i am so dumb...LOL
( Lesson: I am Dumb when i step into ION's MUJI at about 2 pm saturday)
(how to solve: Dun go there on sat or around 2 pm )

I found this interesting Green looking Bug hanging behind Brian ( my Collegue ) shirt.

(lesson: If someone has a bug on his back most likely he is call Brian or he drives and most likely its a guy or.. he is married and has a child)

(how to solve: Change name ..get a divorce..dun drive ..sell your kid.that is unless you dun mind a bug hanging behind you in the future)

I finally decides to take a Pic of Zoomela's ( My collegue) white hair ! I keep pastering her if i could pluck it out But she keep insisting That's her Power!.WHich made me wanna pluck it out even MORE!
(lesson : Zoomela is a tease!)
(how to solve: try cutting that strand of white hair bit by bit everyday without her knowing)
I have discovered the best tasting sashimi in the world! And its call BUTTER FISH!
I dont see it anywhere else in Singapore.....But My working area this japanese resturant has it on their menu Resturant name "Yakiniku Daidomon". It taste SUPERME..It melts in my mouth and it taste so fresh so Good.i ate a plate of fresh salmon n tuna.but then i keep going back to Butter Fish.its really really really GOOD!
(lesson: I really Like BUTTER FISH its really the best tasting Shasimi!)
(How to solve: try putting butter on a raw Cod fish since its white too, and then eat it.maybe tis is how butter fish is secretly made)
My favourate Dish of the month is this OX tail!...i had so much craving for it!....i eat it so often that i feel a bit shy to go back n buy during my lunch break.
( Lesson: I do likes to eat fatty food after all, and when i do people do wonder why i have such unhealthy diet)
(how to solve: Try to bring my fat friends with me next time i eat fatty food, then act miserable, like as if they force me to eat it with them)

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