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Monday, January 4, 2010

Singapore Flyer

Finally get to take on the Singapore flyer today...........the feeling of taking off is the greatest...
in the year of 2010..most of my friend as expected choose 10/10/2010 to get married.
And i would like to say this particular friend of mine "Kok Mun" has SHotgun* with his girlfriend and cant seem to wait til that day.LOL....tats too bad......oh well you would be a great father no matter when u get married.

*shotgun- in Singapore SHOTGUN simply means..U had sex with the opposite sex without using condom n now one of u carries a child.LOL
I just found out the sesame street website is quite can watch Adam sandler singing in sesame street..even JASON MRAZ!!...and website! Elmo is so cute in the introduction of the website:)

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