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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new SHoe designs from 2010.

a Bit disapointing....especally on the left foot...but Sharon says she likes it as i am designing it for her.

now that i know.too much of everything on one side is embarrasing..It took me about 3-4 months to prepare my sketches n catch inspirations n practise.but when it turns out the actual thing.the ink just smudges.i forgot that the paper n shoe are totally different materials!!..i totally cant color the anime i created on the shoe..since the pictures are already too small... :(

the only thing i like about this side of the shoe drawing is this little boy in a tiger suit.although its not clear in this picture shot,but u can see its cute n its a tiger suit...umm.can u?.i hope so

however on the other side happens to be near's sharon n my favourate side..once sharon saw this side she says" SO CUTE so NICE!".i feel rewarded.

the rest are here.

i like some of the ideas i just came out with last minute like the 2 window frame pics...i later color the square window with 3 different colors to emphasis it.i like gonna put to use in the future of my shoe drawing.

a rear view of the shoe..i like the cross color designs i created near the rear of the shoes.

lesson learn: 1)If i wanna draw anime on a shoe draw Less..less is perfect more is too much.

2) infuse Designs with Anime is perfect!


Anonymous said...

WAAHH cute ley :D

from Jiahong

Anonymous said...

oh thx..if u wan i design one for u ok.


Plumbing said...

Customized shoes?
This is a great idea to personalized and put something very unique n your shoes. I love doing this.