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Sunday, September 5, 2010

useful Home remedies Part 1.

i am writing about home remedies at 3:45 am in the morning simply becuz i am having a toothache and researching on the net make me appreciate easy home today i wanna remind myself..whats useful in the kitchen and around the house......

i have serve toothache tonight so i read about

*brandy (which contain alcohol)..good for disinfection.

*salt ...good for mouth gargling and toothaches
Let me introduce Salt water for toothaches.....i will gargle and hold it in my mouth while serving the net telling everyone how well it worked!....just mix a high dose of salt on a mini cup and gargle or for my case i simply hold it in my mouth for a period of time then spit n repeat until i finish my mini cup.

*honey ..good for blemishes

*organic rice (organic rice water good for skin as toner)

*ice ( toothaches and fever)
Let me introduce ICE for toothache !.its the easiest access at home.just rub ice on the area of your hand between your thumb and index finger, i find that the right hand works better, and make sure its the back side of your hand and not the palm side...instant relief for most toothaches for quite awhile, just repeat as needed...Happy Toothache to all!

*Aspirin ( contains high salicylic acid which is used in almost all the acne product in the market)...good for acne. Simply let it dissolve on a small container with water then use it on ur face as mask..wait for 10 min n wash it off.

*Ginger...warm ginger is good for fever
let me introduce this old remedy parents used it often...just soak the old ginger and drink it warm to help bring down fever.

*coin (apparently scratching your body with coins can help lower your fever)

* Onion.
Now let me introduce ONION for curing a fever ...cut up an onion and put like two rings on your foot then put socks on, it will cure a fever! It works when the onion turns brown it means your fever is gone! if this doesn't work try again by the second time it will work! (works best with clean feet!) It does work, stinks and onions feel squishy, but works :)

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