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Thursday, October 14, 2010


I once was a sucker punch-bag for Aggreasive sales man tactics.i keep imaginning all the salesman sitting in a conference room writing down notes / roleplaying / discussing the projectile screen about how to convince ppl to Join their membership........especally those persky Gym fittness studio....for those innocean trying to seek out "just try out cheap 1 month" whatever programme.let me tell you.there is No such a thing...eventually they are going to try to get you join.

People are generally more easily persuaded by people they like. This is why con men are usually good looking, and why Abercrombie & Fitch employs modelesque sales assistants.I expect some sort of Fit guy to attend me and my bets friend....but quite didnt turn out that fact i turn out to look much fitter than HIM! wonder he keep looking at my friend when he's trying to convince.

Commitment and Consistency

A classic car salesman tactic. This is where the car salesman will get you to commit to the car verbally, then tell you later that automatic transmission will cost you extra. As you already agreed to buying the car, you will accede to the new price (even if it’s not your liking) because you want to appear consistent.

Same thing with the gym. This personal trainer/sales guy didn’t start out asking me if I wanted a personal training program. He started out asking me what days I can commit to a program. If I had fallen into his trap and told him the specific times I was available for training, I would have very well ended up paying for a personal training program of which I had no intention to join.

I didn’t want to be pulled into his pace, so I forcefully changed the topic to cost. How much does a personal training program cost? And here Cialdini’s third weapon of influence unfolded.


This occurs when someone requests for something absurd to which you initially reject. The person then returns with a relatively less absurd request. At this point, you will naturally accept it out of guilt, even if it is still quite absurd by normal standards.

The thing is.this personal the sales guy isnt fit at all.....he has a tummy.and he told me n my friend he work out here EVERYDAY!.and then when he failed to pull us into the club....he ask his superior to join in..which ...she is about 165 tall and not an ounce of Healthy muscle can be seen.she is fat as well.......they keep telling me they can work out some "MAGIC" for us.but one look at them.and i don feel the magic ...come on seriously....

But I reminded myself: I only came here for a try out.. I’ve been to a gym before, I already have an ok-effective routine at home. He told me i should be able to see effective progression fast...if i go 3 times a week....but earlier while he was showing us around the gym..we saw a friend who claimed she has been in there for 4 years...and that she enjoy the class..but we didnt see her slim down just yet.maybe she isnt doing it right?.maybe she just went there to look at guys n never stay focus?.but maybe also that is not the saleperson lucky day that we happen to met our fat friend there....Not all the guys there are super fit...most are actually i can say....quite plump..only a few are sporty look........

me and my friend gave him a ridiculous pay by installment.and of course they rejected us...which is what we really want.


Typical advertising/marketing tactic that people still fall for. Yes, the “hurry up, the offer ends tomorrow” ones.

I didn’t want to say an outright ‘no’ (it’s not easy to get over guilt, you know) so I told Mr. Personal Trainer / Salesman that I would like to try out 1 month at the gym without a trainer, before committing to one. He then tells me “but I’m giving you this package for 77$ per session. If you come back a month later, it will not be available anymore”.

Sorry, that’s just too run-off-the-mill an answer for me. Of course it will. He’s sitting here negotiating with me now. Betcha when I say I wanna look like Julian Hee one month later, he’ll sit here to negotiate me again. As a salesman, I don’t think you care if you’re making $8,000 off a person now or a month later, as long as you make your commission.

Social Proof

This is the classic what-my-neighbor-has-I-must-have syndrome. Don’t think it needs much of an explanation.

stereotyping is common and once u feel insulted..........get it out by confirming a say: NO..


Of course, if the neighbor taunt doesn’t work, let’s fling authority around.

With all that said, I don’t agree with these marketing tactics for gyms. It kinda cheapens the whole process. But more importantly, it can also be a physically hazardous one. Personal training should be an informed decision the consumer makes, not a service to market like you would for a used car. Not everyone is suited for personal training – especially those with medical conditions. Your trainer not only needs to have working knowledge on your condition, but must also be willing to work with your doctor.

And of course, not everyone thinks it is pleasant to have someone to nag you while he or she works out.

I guess, I’m just one of those people.

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