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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scripting,directing,filming and casting very own Horror Episodes.

i wanna direct my very own show.....a very professional one.unlike the own camera movies of paranormal activities or blair witch project.although they are inspiring and cheap but i think to be more fun n had a clearer story line..filming a better quality film would be more challenging n thus fun.

my first star cast would be my very own Brain.......
this isnt his best pic...but i put this up cuz he is trying to put up a scared face.
plus he has a car to bring us to location.and he always dream of becoming a star!

next next casting is Aries tay.
my best friend who is energetic and mind and  funny....(if i ever wanna film a comedy)

another is my BF..

the only problem i had with them is that...none of them wanna film this in their gonna do it in my house/BF house anyway....he suggest filming it down at the Void deck.its like .DUH!!.open space+horror show do you do the scare? it wont work!

there is a few more person i wanna recruit.update more coming month....i plan to film down a series of episode of a horror show i going to script these few months...and put it up on youtube...wish me luck.

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